Most of us are familiar with complaints about performance management processes (and the good old annual appraisal) being a time-consuming and paper intensive activity, resulting in little improvements to performance.

At TQC we believe that good performance management should be about the ongoing opportunities to maintain and improve positive team and organisational achievements. Taking a holistic approach helps to embed a culture where individuals and teams have ownership and take responsibility in driving performance upwards.

This isn’t a one-off activity, it’s an ongoing and real-time cycle of objective setting, conversations and feedback.

Good performance management relies on having the right systems and processes to:

  • Set objectives
  • Rate performance
  • Appraise performance
  • Ensure learning and development needs are met

In a nutshell, employees need to understand what’s expected of them. They must be motivated to and equipped with the right skills, resources and support.

Managers are also central to ensuring that performance is managed effectively. Their success is dependent on the right skills, to:

  • Reinforce the links between organisational and individual objectives
  • Be able to give honest and constructive feedback
  • Motivate and recognise high performance
  • Hold people to account
  • Have the difficult conversations

TQC can work with you to develop and implement a bespoke approach to managing performance, to meet your organisation’s specific needs. We can also support your managers through training and coaching  so that they can adopt new styles and ways of working. Ones that will lead to the  continuous improvement of performance and make a bottom-line impact. 

“Our old appraisal system was lengthy and people didn’t take it seriously. Maria helped us implement a new way of doing things and also trained managers – which gave them confidence to have better conversations“

Let TQC help you to improve performance management