It’s never been more important to have an engaged and motivated workforce. Having people that are committed to their work and the goals of the company creates a great working culture. This in turn can increase productivity, build better relationships internally and with customers, reduce staff turnover and ultimately impact positively on profitability.

TQC can help you to improve staff engagement and boost morale.

Recruitment & Retention Strategies

Whatever sector you are in, TQC can help you with your recruitment and retention strategies and approaches so that you can recruit the best talent – and keep them.

Staff Surveys and Focus Groups

Finding out what your people think about their workplace is the foundation for improving your staff engagement strategies. TQC can design and facilitate surveys and focus groups to give you the feedback you need to make informed decisions. We can also help you with action planning to address any areas for improvement.

Team Days

Effective teamwork helps to improve almost every aspect of organisational performance. When people get to know each other better socially, this impacts positively on working relationships. TQC can facilitate your next team event – whether this is sharing important messages or building communication through a range of entertaining activities.

Your people will benefit from:

  • Communication barriers being broken down
  • Developing their skills to work together in different situations
  • Bonding over fun and creative activities
  • Improved teamworking
  • Knowing that their employer is investing in their engagement
“Cantraybridge has used the services of TQC over the past few years and we are delighted with the quality of service they provide. We have developed a very good relationship with TQC and they now have an excellent understanding of our business and have provided us with lots of helpful advice and assistance along the way. Most recently TQC organised a Staff Development Day and a follow-up Staff Survey. The quality of the development day and the survey was outstanding and we are planning to repeat this on an annual basis. We would highly recommend TQC to any other organisation.”

Hazel Clark

CEO, Cantraybridge

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