An uncertain world, with change happening at a rapid pace can lead to people feeling anxious and stressed. Increasingly, the best employers are recognising the benefits of supporting mental health wellbeing and resilience in the workplace. As well as this being the absolutely right and responsible thing to do, it also provides a host of business benefits. Supported employees are more engaged, more present and more resilient. Sickness and absence can also be reduced, therefore saving costs.

Training your people to use the Decider Life Skills® supports and encourages them to take a proactive approach to their own mental health and wellbeing.

The 12 evidence-based skills are effective, fun and memorable. They enable people to become more resilient, robust, reflective, resourceful and responsible. The skills are:

  • Evidence-based (CBT & DBT) and effective
  • Memorable and easy to use
  • Creative and fun

Ruth Oulton and Maria Baxter are certified to teach these valuable skills to others. The skills are taught creatively, using imagery, visuals, props, and fun demonstrations which really bring the skills to life. This means people can remember and use the skills effectively when they need them, at work or at home.

The skills can be learned in one full day or two half-day workshops, to meet the needs of your organisation.

The Decider Life Skills® were created by Michelle Ayres and Carol Vivyan who are cognitive behavioural psychotherapists. The Decider Life Skills are 12 of The Decider Skills, which have been adapted and simplified to support proactive mental health.

“A relaxed and open learning environment. A good refresher course to remind us that everyone sees thing differently and reacts to situations differently. Any conversation that encourages openness, understanding and support amongst people is positive”.

“It was definitely a useful investment of time. Personally, I think the information was reassuring more than anything. It was good to hear other people’s thoughts and honesty about how they feel sometimes – group participation is key”

“I believe the course was well delivered and that the content was valuable”

Let TQC help you support proactive mental health skills