“The single biggest problem with communication, is the illusion that it has taken place”

– George Bernard Shaw

Ineffective communication is perhaps one of the single biggest frustrations in any workplace. Many employees feel that they don’t get enough information, or not the right information, or not information at times when they need it. But effective communication is a vital part of employee engagement and wellbeing. It helps employees feel like they belong and understand where they fit in the business and therefore promotes productivity and efficiency. Your people are more likely to contribute to your business success if you get communication right.

Ask yourself these questions when thinking about communication in your business:

  • How effective is existing internal communication?
  • Is communication regular and consistent?
  • Do your people feel fully informed?
  • Do your people feel listened to?
  • Do your people believe that their views count?

Great communication depends on a clear communication strategy and a cycle of review and continuous improvement with managers at the forefront communicating with employees.

TQC can help you to review, develop and implement a communication strategy that meets your exact business needs. We can help your managers to develop their communication skills so they can:

Delivered through one-to-one Coaching or Training Courses you can be sure that your organisation will benefit from development that meets your exact business needs.

Let TQC help you improve communication skills